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I've worked with a number of actors and international business individual’s on learning accents and accent reduction. Currently, most of the classes are for American actors, learning British accents.  These include RP, Estuary, Cockney, Northern, Scottish and Irish.


I have taught accents, English Language and signing as a tutor.


My process is simple:


I find out what I'm working with first. Ascertain what the client is aiming for. Work out where they want to be and work backwards to show them the process they will need. This always works out as the best place to start.


I have spent many years myself, working on and learning different accents in order to strengthen my position as an actor. Time and again, most actors I have either worked with, networked with or know personally, have all seems to want to learn various British accents. This is where the bulk of my experience lies. 


Understanding several different US accents, helps me understand which individual process to use with an actor, in order to help them with their British accent.


For more info or to book a class, please fill in below:

Thanks for enquiring!

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